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Shock Absorber

All model of front loading washing machine shock absorber in stock.
To balance the washing machine from shacking and noise.

(Out of Stock) Code: 32914 Shock Absorber Electrolux 1322553601 / 1327440002 / 1322553700 For EWF10741 / EWF85561

Code: 36072 Electrolux Suspension Rod (Covered) 72cm WSA90465 For EWT121UK

Code: 37068 Multi Suspension Rod 68CM WSA90458

Code: 37062 Multi Suspension Rod 62CM (Yellow)

Code: 36062 LG Suspension Rod (Covered) 62cm WSA90482

Code: 36059 LG Suspension Rod (Covered) 59cm WSA90470

Code: 36055-A LG Suspension Rod (Covered) 55cm WSA90469

(Out of Stock) Code: 36055 LG Suspension Rod 55cm WSA90468

Code: 37000 Samsung Suspension Rod 70cm WA21J7700GP

(Out of Stock) Code: 36800 Samsung Suspension Rod 68cm WA18M8700GV

Code: 36500 Samsung Suspension Rod 65cm WSA90472

Code: 36350 Samsung Suspension Rod 63.5cm DC97-16350N WSA90471 For WA13F7S7 / WA14F7S9 / WA14J6750SM / WA14J6750SP / WA14J6750SV / WA15P9 / WA16F7S9 / WA16J6750SP / WA16J6750SV / WA16N6780CV

Code: 32913 Shock Absorber Panasonic 120N

Code: 32925 Absorber 250N Metal Type (ONE PC)

Code: 4901ER2003A Shock Absorber LG 100N

Code: 32930 Shock Absorber Bush for Electrolux / LG

Code: 32915 Shock Absorber Electrolux 1268832712

Code: 32912 Shock Absorber LG 120N Hole: 12mm L: 190mm

Code: 32911 Shock Absorber Indesit 141042 2pc Set

Code: 32910 Shock Absorber Indesit W93TEX 055039

Code: 32905 Italy Shock Absorber Electrolux (White)


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