We supply all kind of spare parts for front loading, fully auto and semi auto washing machine.
  • Original and compatible replacement part from Italy, Korea and China.
  • All retailers and service centre pls contact us for corporate price.

Code: 32381 PCB Board Multi SXY2200+Pressure Sensor (New Version)

Code: 32232-45 Gear Box for Upson/Khind/Singer

Code: 32314 PCB Board Toshiba A820 (China)

Code: DC41-00078C Samsung PCB Board (China)

We sell original and compatible part for domestic refrigerator and freezer.
  • Refrirgerator R134a compressor
  • Defrost timer / Defrost thermostat
  • Fan motor / Fan blade / Defrost heater
  • Fan light switch / Thermostat

Code: 88011-A Defrost Timer 704-1G2

Code: 88263 Fan Motor 3612JL-04W-S56 DC12V (4 Wire)

Code: 88269 Fan Motor FBA12J12V DC12V (4 Wire)

Code: 88241 Fan Motor FBA12J15V DC15V (3 Wire)

We supply Tumble Dryer parts for some famous brands in market, Major parts like:
  • Timer, Motor, Belt, Bearing Kit, Capacitor, Gasket, Door Frame, Filter and Ventilation Hose, Dryer Heater

Code: 1250220108-P Dryer Exhaust Vent Hose (Original Packing)

Code: 1364059004 Tumble Jockey Pulley

Code: 1250125034 Electrolux Dryer Part ĘC Belt Stretcher

Code: C00112139 Dryer Filter for Ariston Dryer AS60V

We supply full range of home appliances capacitor in stock.
  • Fan capacitor pin type / Wire type
  • Air conditioner aluminium case type
  • Washer and Dryer capacitor with nut Italy brand
  • Combo type for semi auto washer

Code: 20514 14 uf Washing Machine Capacitor ICAR (Italy)

Code: 20512 12 uf Washing Machine Capacitor ICAR (Italy)

Code: 20509 9 uf Washing Machine Capacitor ICAR (Italy)

Code: 20360 60 uf 450 Volt Air-Cond Aluminium Capacitor

We supply most of the size for washer and Dryer drive belt, Rib belt, V-belt and Round belt.

Code: WBA829 Belt Type A-829

Code: WBA690 Belt Type A-690

Code: 32715 Rib Belt 1120 H Electrolux

Code: WBO700 Belt Type O-700

Code: SA023 Air-Con Remote Control Daikin New

Code: 88602-S Aircond Sensor Panasonic 4 wire (Small)

Code: SA008 Air-Con Motor Rubber for YORK

Code: SA007 Air-Con Motor Rubber for LG

Code: 1050326030 Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner On Off Switch

Code: 55100 Water Heater Magnet Sensor

Code: 55253 E27 40W Oven Bulb

Code: 55250 E14 25W Oven Bulb

Code: 99099 Face Mask 50 piece/Pack

Code: 99031 Infrared Thermometer(Non-Contact)


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