Washing Machine Parts

We supply all kind of spare parts for front loading, fully auto and semi auto washing machine.
  • Original and compatible replacement part from Italy, Korea and China.
  • All retailers and service centre pls contact us for corporate price.

Code: 31132 Drain Pump Panasonic Complete

Code: 31131 Drain Pump Panasonic Complete

Code: 31121 Fagor Drain Pump

Code: 31118 Drain Pump Askoll for Bosch washing machine

Code: 31222 Sharp Drain Motor ES718X 7kg

Code: 31208 Electrolux/Sharp Drain Motor

Code: 31230 Toshiba Inverter Drain Motor 4 Pin

Code: 31214-B Drain Motor Sankyo SWD-225

Code: 33310 Sanyo Filter Bag

Code: 42T44041-C Toshiba 1050 Filter Bag (China)

Code: 42T44031 Toshiba AW8800-8900-8950-8960SM Filter Bag

Code: 42T44029-C Toshiba AW9000-9500-9600-9700 Filter Bag (China)

Code: 31328-C Sharp Double Inlet Valve

Code: 31421 Double Valve Electrolux 12/14mm

Code: 31328-A Sharp Inlet Valve ESS115

Code: 31306-T Single Water Valve for Toshiba 180*

Code: 32365 Lid Lock for LG WF-HX200GV

Code: 31542 Ariston / Indesit / Whirlpool Door Switch

Code: DC64-00652D Samsung Door Lock

Code: 50226737000 Electrolux Door Switch 4pin

Code: 31611-A Toshiba Drain Motor 42T65127

Code: 5016EY4002A LG Lid Cover Magnet

Code: 31631 HM-31V1M Gear Motor

Code: 31619 Panasonic Gear Motor HM-19V

Code: 50224899000 Pressure Switch WH160

Code: 50223286001 Pressostat 2L (6 Pin)

Code: 31786 Pressure Sensor for Toshiba WL-86B

Code: 31784 Toshiba Pressure Sensor

Code: 31820-S Sharp Fully Auto Motor 180W

Code: 6501KW2002A LG Washer Rotor Position Sensor

Code: 31858-A Capling For Spin Motor

Code: 31857-12 Pully For Wash Motor 12mm

Code: 31935 Samsung Wash Timer DXT-35SF 35Min

Code: 31903-LG LG Wash Timer 3 Wire (White)

Code: 31964 Toshiba/Mitachi Timer Knob

Code: 31958 Panasonic Spin Timer

Code: 50099326006 Crosspiece Zanussi ZK50M

Code: 4434ER1004A LG Spider

Code: 32150 Indesit Pully 055043

Code: 32108 Crosspiece Drum FLS571C/579C/EW541

Code: W 6608 Bearing 608 2RS

Code: 36207 6207zz SKF Bearing

Code: 36206 6206zz SKF Bearing

Code: 36204 6204zz SKF Bearing

Code: 32232-45 Gear Box for Upson/Khind/Singer

Code: 32239 Sharp Gear Box 11z 36mm

Code: 32238 LG Gear Box 10x10mm 40mm

Code: 32237 Hitachi Gear Box 11z 35mm

Code: 32381 PCB Board Multi SXY2200+Pressure Sensor (New Version)

Code: 32314 PCB Board Toshiba A820 (China)

Code: DC41-00078C Samsung PCB Board (China)

Code: DC41-00087C Samsung PCB Board (China)

Code: 32425 Pulsactor Panasonic NAF-80S3/100S3

Code: 32408 Hisense Pulsator 355mm

Code: 32403 Hisense Pulsator 340mm

Code: 32497 Screw for Pulsator M8 Big Head

Code: 32540-L Drain Hose L Type 40mm x 1480mm

Code: 32504-2 Drain Hose (L) Type 2.25 Meter

Code: 33530 Inlet Hose 3.0 meter

Code: 33511 Joint C

Code: 32621 Ocean Door Handle

Code: 5026956400 Kit Handle Porthole

Code: 32681 Siemens Door Hinge

Code: 32630 Door Handle Samsung DC64-01524A

All model of front loading washing machine shock absorber in stock.
To balance the washing machine from shacking and noise.

Code: 32913 Shock Absorber Panasonic 120N

Code: 32925 Absorber 250N Metal Type (ONE PC)

Code: 32930 Shock Absorber Bush for Electrolux

Code: 32917 Shock Absorber Bosch with Pin 673541

Code: 50222069002 EL Module EW1133F


Code: 33007 Knob Timer FLS522/622/571C/579C/879C

Code: 33006 Electrolux Timer Gear EW622

Code: 33004 Zanussi 309.32 Timer Knob+Gear ZK50

Code: 1260489503 Cam FA581/589/EW501/502F/Lux WH262

Code: 33116 Carbon Brush 6.3x12.5x36mm 2pz Set

Code: 33115 Carbon Brush Electrolux / Samsung

Code: 33112 GE Carbon Brush 2pc Set 5x10mm

Code: 33111 Carbon Brush 5x12.5x36mm 2pz Set

Code: 33208 Electrolux EW541/Zanussi 571/ 579 Door Gasket

Code: 33229 BOSCH Door Gasket Original Code: 354135

Code: 33227 Door Gasket Electrolux EW2408F

Code: 33225 Electrolux Door Gasket EWF1090/EWF1092

Code: 33424 Bellow For Sharp EST708

Code: 33409 Valve Packing NA-W40A1M/40A2M

Code: 33451 Bellow Spring

Code: 33425 Panasonic Valve Packing

Code: 33698 Universal Spin Bellow 14mmx95mm

Code: 33688-16 Universal Spin Bellow 16mmx95mm

Code: 33620 Midea Spin Bellow 93mmx12mm

Code: 33619 Sharp EST 708 97x14mm Spin Bellow

Code: 33723 Clutch Machanism for Daewoo/Sharp 6kg

Code: DC97-14818C Samsung WA-11R3/11UA Clutch Mechanism

Code: 33784 Clutch Kit for Toshiba 42T56002

Code: 33783 Clutch Gear for LG

Code: 124306208 Electrolux Motor EWF551

Code: 1242139085 Electrolux Motor 9 Wire

Code: 1240539047 Electrolux Motor


Code: 50212838002 LUX Timer WH160

Code: 421307857551 Elba Dryer Timer ED602W

Code: 421307857541 Dryer Timer Elba ED602W (Long shaft)

Code: 421307855142 Elba Dryer Timer EB 602

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