Refrigerator Parts

We sell original and compatible part for domestic refrigerator and freezer.
  • Refrirgerator R134a compressor
  • Defrost timer / Defrost thermostat
  • Fan motor / Fan blade / Defrost heater
  • Fan light switch / Thermostat

Code: DA32-10105P Samsung Sensor DA32-10105P

Code: 88180 Universal Refrigerator Sensor

Code: 88175 Samsung Chiller Thermostat 3 Pin

Code: 88170 ML 70 Defrost Thermostat

Code: 88011-A Defrost Timer 704-1G2

Code: 88020 TMDF603AD1 Defrost Timer (China)

Code: 88018 Sharp 12 Hour 10min Defrost Timer

Code: 88016 DBZA-804-1G2 Defrost Timer

Code: 88263 Fan Motor 3612JL-04W-S56 DC12V (4 Wire)

Code: 88269 Fan Motor FBA12J12V DC12V (4 Wire)

Code: 88241 Fan Motor FBA12J15V DC15V (3 Wire)

Code: 88240 Fan Motor FBA11J14V DC14V (4 Wire)

Code: 88354 Defrost Heater 450W For ACMA L:540mm

Code: 88351 Defrost Heater 280W For ACMA L:370mm

Code: 88320 P.E Defrost Heater

Code: 88319 Glass Heater 18"Inch

Code: 88513 National 3 Pin Fan Light Switch

Code: 88512 National 2 Pin Fan Light Switch

Code: 88509 Sharp 3 Pin Fan Light Switch

Code: 88508 LG Fan Light Switch 5 Pin

Code: 88401-15 PTC Relay 1 Pin (Silver Pin)

Code: 88791 Overload Protector 4TM 1/4HP QD91

Code: 88775 Overload Protector 4TM 1/5+HP QD75

Code: 88765 Overload Protector 4TM 1/5HP QD65

Code: 88QD75H 1/5+HP R134A (LBP) Compressor 180W

Code: 88QD65H 1/5HP R134A (LBP) Compressor 168W

Code: 88QD52H 1/7HP R134A (LBP) Compressor 130W

Code: 88QD43H 1/8HP R134A (LBP) Compressor 111W

Code: 88339 Can Tap Valve Hongsen HS-339

Code: 88338 Can Tap Valve Hongsen HS-338

Code: R134 R134a Maxron Refrigerant 1000g

Code: R600-120G Gas R600a 120g

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