Tumble Dryer Parts

We supply Tumble Dryer parts for some famous brands in market, Major parts like:
  • Timer, Motor, Belt, Bearing Kit, Capacitor, Gasket, Door Frame, Filter and Ventilation Hose, Dryer Heater

We have most of the size for tumble dryer in local market, pls check the size of belt on the belt before order.

Code: 421309218601 Dryer Belt Elba

Code: 1240827426 Electrolux Washer Dryer Belt


Code: 42130775317 Elba 422 Dryer


Code: 421309217661 Elba/Siemens Dryer Heating Element

Code: 33154 Heating Element Ariston/Indesit 1200W 230V

Code: 33153 Heating Element Whilpool AWZ220GD

Code: 33152 2650W 230V Heating Element

Code: 421307856261 Thermostat Inlet Dryer Elba 422


Code: 50212838002 LUX Timer WH160

Code: 421307857551 Elba Dryer Timer ED602W

Code: 421307857541 Dryer Timer Elba ED602W (Long shaft)

Code: 421307855142 Elba Dryer Timer EB 602

Code: 1250220108-P Dryer Exhaust Vent Hose (Original Packing)

Code: 1250125034 Electrolux Dryer Part ĘC Belt Stretcher

Code: C00112139 Dryer Filter for Ariston Dryer AS60V

Code: 421309234671 Dryer Frame EB 602

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