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Washing Machine Parts

We supply all kind of spare parts for front loading, fully auto and semi auto washing machine.
  • Original and compatible replacement part from Italy, Korea and China.
  • All retailers and service centre pls contact us for corporate price.

Code: 31114-A Electrolux Drain Pump

Code: 31118-A Bosch Electric Drain Pump Complete set Made By HANYU

Code: 31113-B Electrolux EWF1084 / EWF1090 / EWF1092 Drain Pump

Code: 31124 LG Magnet Pump(Inside Pin) LEILI

Code: 31601 LG Drain Motor DC13.5V For T2109VS2M / T2514VS2M

Code: 31229 Midea Drain Motor QA12-35 For MFW-950MV2 / MFW-1050MV2 / MFW-1250MV2

Code: 31228 Midea / Sanyo Drain Motor For MFW-701S / MFW-901S / MFW-1380MV / ASW-81SRT

Code: 31615-B Toshiba Gear Motor GM-80-4 (Black) For AW-A750SM / AW-F820SM / AW-A820MM / AW-E900L

Code: 33336 Toshiba Magic Filter For AW-SD120S / AW-SD130S / AW-SD140S / AW-DC1000CM / AW-DC1300W

Code: 32820 Descaler, Degreaser, Hygenic Cleaner

Code: 33318 Sharp W53mm x L100mm Filter Bag For ES-S60X / ES-S901X / ES-S950

Code: 42T44031 Toshiba AW8800-8900-8950-8960SM Filter Bag

Code: 31432 Bosch 00606001 Double Inlet Valve

Code: 31409-B Speed Queen / Huebsch Laundry Washing Machine Italy 3 Way Inlet Valve 90* Dia: 15mm

Code: 31326-C LG Double Inlet Valve DC12V For T2310VSAM / WF-HD150FS / WF-HD160GV

Code: 31351 LG Water Valve DC12V For T2019VS2M / T2108VSAM

Code: 31545 Bosch WAE16061SG / WAE18161SG / WAK20060SG Door Lock

Code: 31548 Bosch Door Lock

Code: 31580 Ariston / Indesit Power Switch / On Off Switch 4 pin

Code: 31532 Bosch/Siemens SIWAMAT Door Lock

Code: 31608 Panasonic Drain Motor HM-25v

(Out of Stock) Code: 31611-A Toshiba Drain Motor 42T65127

Code: 5016EY4002A LG Lid Cover Magnet

Code: 31631 HM-31V1M Gear Motor

Code: 31709 SHARP ESS789 / SANYO / MIDEA / HAIER Pressure Water Level Sensor

Code: 1325162137 Electrolux / AEG Pressure Sensor For EWF1090 / EWF1092 / EWF1289 / EWF1495

Code: 31744 Panasonic Pressure Sensor PSR-44 For NA-F115A4HRT / NA-F135V5SRT / NA-FS14G4HRT

Code: 31707 Electrolux Analogic Pressure Sensor 1325162038 For EWF12932 / EWF14112 / EWP85752

Code: 6501KW2001A LG Washer Rotor Position Sensor For WF-HD120GV / WF-HD130GV

Code: 31857-A Pully for Fully Auto Motor 12mm Shaft

Code: 31820-S Sharp Fully Auto Motor 180W

Code: 6501KW2002A LG Washer Rotor Position Sensor (Replaced by 6501KW2002B)

Code: 31903 Elba/Faber Wash Timer 3 Wire (Original)

Code: 31964 Toshiba/Mitachi Timer Knob

Code: 31958 Panasonic Spin Timer

Code: 31956 Spin Timer Slide Bracket

Code: A00675505 Electrolux EWF85743 Crosspiece / Drum Shaft

Code: 132762395 Electrolux Drum Shaft Crosspiece

Code: 132762370 Electrolux Drum Shaft Crosspiece A02829203

Code: 50239960003 Electrolux Cross Piece / Drum Shaft

Code: 32147 Toshiba / Midea Drum Seal 47x88x10/12

Code: 32140 Samsung OIL SEAL 35X65,55X10/12 DC62-00008A

Code: 32130 LG Oil Seal 4036ER2004A 37X76X9.5 / 12 GP For WD-12270BD / WD-1457RD

Code: 32139 Electrolux Oil Seal EWF14012/EWF14023

Code: 32240 Khind Gear Box 11z Shaft: 35mm

Code: 32232-45 Gear Box for Upson/Khind/Singer

Code: 32237 Hitachi Gear Box 11z 35mm

(Out of Stock) Code: 32235 Sharp Gear Box 9x9mm 30mm

Code: 32315 PCB Board For Sharp ESX156

Code: 1323143121 Electrolux User Interface Board For EW1078F / EW1079F

Code: 32342 PCB Board For Sharp ESX115

Code: 973914002424005 AEG PCB Board For W1050

Code: 33839 Electrolux EWT705WN Pulsator

Code: 32437 Midea Pulsator 380mm 11z For MFW-855M / MFW-1055CV

Code: 33844 Electrolux Pulsator 375mm 11z For EWT903XS

Code: 33843 Hisense Pulsator 367mm For WTDW851S

Code: 32530 Universal Drain Hose 1.2m + Hose Clamp

Code: 32504-2 Drain Hose (L) Type 2.25 Meter

(Out of Stock) Code: 33530 Inlet Hose 3.0 meter

Code: 33520 Inlet Hose 2.0 Meter

Code: 32632 Bosch Door Handle (Silver) 00751791

Code: 32635 Beko Door Handle WMB71001M

Code: 32634 Fagor IF-3609 Door Handle

Code: 32639 Bosch Dryer Door Handle 00644221 For WTE84105GB / WTE84106GB

All model of front loading washing machine shock absorber in stock.
To balance the washing machine from shacking and noise.

Code: 32919 BEKO SHOCK ABSORBER 110N 2816870200

Code: 32917 Bosch Shock Absorber 90N Original Code : 00673541 2 pieces set include 2 pin

Code: 32918-A Bosch Shock Absorber (Set of 3 Pieces)

Code: 32918 Bosch Shock Absorber 80N

Code: 50222069002 EL Module EW1133F


Code: 33007 Knob Timer FLS522/622/571C/579C/879C

Code: 33006 Electrolux Timer Gear EW622

Code: 33004 Zanussi 309.32 Timer Knob+Gear ZK50

Code: 1260489503 Cam FA581/589/EW501/502F/Lux WH262

(Out of Stock) Code: 33116 Carbon Brush 6.3x12.5x36mm 2pz Set

Code: 33115 Carbon Brush Electrolux / Samsung

Code: 33112 GE Carbon Brush 2pc Set 5x10mm

Code: 33111 Carbon Brush 5x12.5x36mm 2pz Set

Code: 33232 Bosch WAS24468ME WAS28448ME Door Gasket with Pipe

Code: 33231 Bosch WAK20060SG Door Gasket


Code: 33218 Electrolux Door Gasket

(Out of Stock) Code: 33424 Bellow For Sharp EST-708 / EST-7015 / Singer WT-5510 / WT-5361

Code: 33409 Valve Packing NA-W40A1M/40A2M

Code: 33451 Bellow Spring

Code: 33425 Panasonic Valve Packing

Code: 33686 Universal Spin Bellow 14x64x92mm

(Out of Stock) Code: 33698 Universal Spin Bellow 14mmx95mm

Code: 33688-16 Universal Spin Bellow 16mmx94mm

(Out of Stock) Code: 33687 Universal Spin Bellow 12x76x95mm

Code: 33730 Sharp Clutch Mechanism For ES718X / ES818X

Code: 33729 Midea / Morgan Clutch Mechanism 11z 8 Hole

Code: 33741-C Panasonic Spinner Shaft Flange

Code: 33721-A NA-F130X2 13Kg Panasonic Gear Mechanism

Code: 124306208 Electrolux Motor EWF551

Code: 1242139085 Electrolux Motor 9 Wire

Code: 1240539047 Electrolux Motor


Code: 124620400 Electrolux Timer EW1162F / EW1252F / EW1262W

Code: 50212838002 LUX Timer WH160

Code: 421307857551 Elba Dryer Timer ED602W

(Out of Stock) Code: 421307857541 Dryer Timer Elba ED602W (Long shaft)

Code: 33150 HEATING ELEMENT 1950W ELECTROLUX with, Sensor, 230V, 1950W

Code: 33149 Electrolux Heating Element 1750W


Code: 33221 ELECTROLUX EWF10842 / EWF12933 / EWF12033 / EWF12832 DOOR GASKET

Code: 32348-A PCB Board Singer WT5370 / WT5510A

Code: 33841 Pulsator for Panasonic 377mm For NA-F80A1 / NA-F90A1


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