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Filter Bag / Magic Filter

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Code: 33336 Toshiba Magic Filter For AW-SD120S / AW-SD130S / AW-SD140S / AW-DC1000CM / AW-DC1300W

(Out of Stock) Code: 32820 Descaler, Degreaser, Hygenic Cleaner

Code: 42T44041-C Toshiba 1050 Filter Bag (China)

Code: 33318 Sharp W53mm x L100mm Filter Bag

Code: 42T44031 Toshiba AW8800-8900-8950-8960SM Filter Bag

Code: 42T44029-C Toshiba AW9000-9500-9600-9700 Filter Bag (China)

Code: 42T44028-C Toshiba Filter Bag (China)

Code: 42T44025 Toshiba Semi Auto Filter Bag

Code: 33335 Filter Bag For Sharp

Code: 33334 Magic Filter for Samsung

Code: 33333 Magic Filter for Toshiba 160 x 63 mm

Code: 33332 Filter Bag for Daewoo/Sharp

Code: 33331 Round Filter for LG

Code: 33330 Samsung DA-97-00252 Magic Filter Bag

Code: 33326 Samsung 83x42mm Filter Bag

(Out of Stock) Code: 33324 Panasonic W45mm-L85mm Filter Bag

Code: 33321 Samsung W30mm x L60mm Filter Bag

Code: 33320 Samsung Magic Filter Bag

(Out of Stock) Code: 33319 Hitachi SF1120-2180 W140 x L70mm Filter Bag

Code: 33317 Panasonic 113x47 Filter Bag

Code: 33315 LG Filter Bag (Big)

Code: 33311 Sanyo ASW-45YIT Filter Bag

Code: 33307 National NA-W40A1M Filter Bag (Filter Only)

Code: 33306 Khind WM-SA40PN 100mm Filter Bag

1 - 24 of 25

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